Unusual Aggressors


Meeting of the Races

The humans called a meeting of the races to discuss the Outsider’s presence in this world. They had captured a Tiefling, a mortal with demonic ancestry, from whom they had extracted vital information; the demons have a stronghold in the middle of the continent.

During the meeting, in which the all of the other races except the Kafsta pronounce their mistrust of humanity’s intentions, a coordinated attack is made on the visiting dignitaries. The attack is thwarted by a combined effort of the races representatives, and most of the VIPs survive the conflict relatively unscathed, excepting the human ambassador who was slain in the beginning of the attack.

The representatives discover that the demons had managed to infiltrate through a hidden tunnel to the sacred grove. They also learn from an angel named Pyras that higher powers are watching their races closely, as they have taken an interest in their conflict with the demons.

It is decided that an invasion of the demon’s island fortress is in order, but first they should scout it out to learn the enemy’s strength. For this purpose, a summons has gone out across the continent for the bravest and most skilled adventurers to take on this task. It is yet unknown who will answer the call… Gathering_of_adventurers.png


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