Grove Keeper officer


Lawful Good

14 Str
8 Dex (12)
14 Con
8 Int (10)
10 Wis (14)
12 Cha (16)
49 Hitpoints

6 Knowledge (nobility and royalty) (Int), 6 Sense Motive (Wis), 6 diplomacy

Class abilities:
Aura of Good, detect evil, Divine Grace, Lay on hands, Aura of Courage, divine health, Turn Undead, smite evil 4/day, special mount, Remove disease 1/week

Power Attack, Cleave, Extra Smiting

Protection from Evil, Rhino’s Rush

Spell-Like Abilities:
speak with plants, 3/day— charm person (DC 13), deep slumber (DC 15), tree stride; 1/day—suggestion (DC 15)

+1 Longsword, Masterwork Full Plate, Helm of Battle, Heavy Wooden Shield (Armor +2) (AC -2), Electric Eel Elixir


Persica has always been one of the most influential dryad in diplomatic relations with the other races. The Dryads have always kept mostly to their forests, and except for gifts of supplies to the other races, they have little outside interaction. Like their home, they are unmoving and stable. While understanding this, Persica knows that the other races are not so slow to act, nor are they lacking ambition. As a prominent member of the Grove Keepers, the sacred guardians of the Dryad’s groves and defacto ambassadors for their race, Persica has used his influence to convince the other races that the Dryads are neutral to the other races’ conflicts, but if provoked, will respond with crushing strength.

Whether the Grove Keepers’ position is really so strong as Persica would lead others to believe has never been truly tested, as when the Humans first invaded the forest, they quickly left again, telling dark stories of how the forest would come to life and attack them. Persica has capitalized on this, and told the other races that the Dryads will maintain their neutrality as long as they are not attacked ever again.


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