Yendak the Unflinching

Dwarven Thane


Yendak was the youngest of the Dwarven royal family, the Goldcrowns. He grew up in a time when the Goldcrowns were the undisputed masters of the mountains, and even held power in the lands beyond. The various giant races living in the mountains would pay them a tribute every year, the Dryads would send them supplies from the forest, the elves would send their most skilled artisans and craftsmen to spend a 5 year stint in the Dwarven capital of Ben Thurim. The Kafsta stayed well away from the mountains, as the dwarves would hunt them for sport if they could find them.

This all changed when the Humans invaded. Almost the entire Goldcrown family was wiped out in the first decade of war, and Yendak was quickly made the next thane. He was a master strategist and tactician, and slowly found ways to counter the humans technology. He eventually pushed most of the humans out of the mountains, though ironically enough could not force out the fiercer mountain clans, who had very little in the way of “advanced technology”.

Yendak recognized the stagnation that had occurred within his kingdom due to their power. He has become the greatest patron of the sciences in the Dwarven kingdom, and offers to sponsor any new inventions he hears of among the other native races. Yendak had the Goldcrown name retired, as he said that the Dwarven age of dominating the other races was over, and they had to learn to exist through diplomacy. He has even started talks with the humans about the possibility of a more permanent peace, though this is not popular among the Dwarves. True to his name though, he is forging ahead in spite of his own people’s resistance.

Yendak the Unflinching

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