A Whisper Gnome “problem solver” and “security consultant”. Does jobs that no one else can or wants to.

Character Sheet


Coming from a long line of “problem solvers” and “security consultants”, your family is well known in the underworld for getting things done. Your family is well liked by the big players of the underworld for their results, and you are no different. You are especially well liked for your almost predictable habit of avoiding taking positions of great power. What they fail to realize is that you realized early on that a position of great power is a double edged sword. A rock is hard and strong, but it is also brittle and immobile.

Your family runs a semi-legitimate business that is known for acquiring and brokering information no one else has, and supplying the big players with supplies and manpower, usually through acquired mercenary contracts. You are one of the leaders of the company, and have opened up an avenue of business that no one else would have thought you interested in: politics. You have always held a retainer with the gnomish merchant lords, and lately you have been attempting to leverage that to expand your influence to the main races.

The self styled “Gnome King”, the most prominent of the merchant lords, has taken an interest in recent events involving the humans, and is concerned with what the demonic presence in this world entails. He has asked you to send a representative to take part in the joint expedition to the central island.You had already planned to do so, as the increasing tiefling presence in the world has imbalanced the criminal world that is still essential to your operations. This, however, gives you the opportunity you needed. You agree to go yourself to aid with the expedition, and in return, the merchant lords give up their exclusive contract with your family. If you do this, you will be allowed to work with any governing power willing to pay, as long as they follow two simple rules: keep to the contract and don’t ask questions.


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